Present Moment…the ING of it all

It’s been an interesting ride since my last blog! Since then I have finally created a home studio, where I can create with my little precious ones…glass…I continue to procure my beads from Italy, Czech and now have found talented  USA artisans who create the most wonderful lamp work beads as well!

I wonder why I love glass beads best of all? I love their colors, textures and on a higher they remind me that glass is fragile yet strong at the very same time.

I came to designing and crafting jewelry simply by needing an art form that would serve as a healing see I have been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases. When I work with glass and even polymer clay…I realize, that like my diseases; these beads can send me off to various directions on a whim…when I sit down to craft, I really never know what I will design..or sketch…just like my Lupus, I never know what will be unleashed….. somehow my desire to create,..inspires me to live in harmony with my diseases …if they say rest…I do..knowing that in this restful period of  incubation ideas may flow for my next piece….I have learned to respect the present moment!

The ING of it all…designING,CreatING,WrappING,ShippING and yes the restING..I need to continue creatING….yes,yes,yes ,I say to livING in the present moment…wonder what may come next.

Falling in love with…..Murano

This is my first blog, wanted to share my love affair with Murano Glass Beads. I love everything Italian, especially after my first trip to Italy in 2015! I saw the most beautiful pieces made with authentic Murano Glass…to me it was like Italian pastries  in the pastry shop, so many types, colors and artisan designs. Yes, I was drooling for the love of my life ( besides my husband). It did not take long before I came back to the states and searched for an authentic Murano supplier..and I found her! I knew this affair with Murano Glass beads would never end.
To design with these precious babies, is a gift and to create a piece adorned with these beads a bigger gift.
But why, why does this former Special Educator go to these beads for comfort, challenge,
peace and fun?????? hmmm another blog I the meanwhile I will count my beads.